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About Monroe Herington

Selling/Buying a home should be a positive experience—the closing of one chapter, and the beginning of another. To achieve this experience, you need a realtor who shares your goals and visions. The Monroe Herington Real Estate Group is among the premier real estate agencies in San Diego County. We are rooted in a family tradition of excellence that traces its origins to my namesake, Monroe Davis Herington. Monroe pioneered the purchase of 30,000 acres in 1880. The land blossomed into the town of Herington, Kansas, and our family’s heritage of real estate investing, development, and sales was born.

Monroe Herington is more than a company. It is a legacy. We are powered by the longevity of our relationships with clients and industry partners. We believe professional relationships are not merely transactional. They are generational. This philosophy informs our client-centered approach. Today, we specialize in home sales with dedicated client services and comprehensive support. As your agent, I’ll work closely with you to enhance your space, ease the selling process, maximize the value of your home, and create the positive real estate experience that you deserve.

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